What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is a dynamic payment app that’s transforming the way online merchants accept deposits from and transfer withdrawals to their customers.

Increase your conversion rates and reduce payment processing fees.

MuchBetter haven’t just rewritten the rulebook when it comes to merchant fees, they’ve torn it up, burnt it, re-written it and sealed it with a gold stamp of industry approval! Their unique industry-specific pricing structures really are revolutionary.

When you’re a MuchBetter merchant you can access their merchant portal to track customer spending on your site and send exclusive offers to your customers with the CashDuster in-app feature, completely unique to MuchBetter.

Powered by leading technology and global reach, including features such as dynamic customer authentication, in app gaming offers and innovative pricing. 

Merchants welcome MuchBetter as an exciting opportunity to increase conversion rates and reduce payment processing fees.

MuchBetter has been built to deliver exceptional customer experience, balance security, compliance, and allow merchants to generate significant commercial benefits. They support online merchants with a flexible payment solution that helps resolve compliance and regulatory challenges, with their platform that is future proofed for regulatory change.


Customers choose MuchBetter over other payment apps and wallets because it gives them the flexibility to pay and transfer money using multiple devices with complete ease of use.

Online and offline, 1-click and contactless, prepaid card, wearable tech and peer-to-peer money transfers are all available with a MuchBetter account. 

MuchBetter users can also receive great rewards from our merchants, send friends gifts, and enjoy a more rewarding experience when spending money.

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